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Multiple Package

Our HYIP script allows you to setup an assortment of plans hourly, daily, Bi-weekly, Bi-Yearly, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Each plan differs from each other with various types of withdrawal, minimum and maximum amounts and type of plan.

SEO Friendly

Our HYIP | Btc websites are built with the latest SEO techniques in mind. Our system is SEO friendly, this means google, yahoo, bing and any other search engine can track your site perfectly.


A very beneficial functionality of statistics is available with our HYIP script which holds the entire facts and figures of the website. The advantage of having statistics in a site keeps the user updated of all current information under single roof.

Referral Program

Our HYIP script promptly generates a unique link for every investors of the site and that is called a referral link. When a user tries to register with this link to the site, a commission will be added to the investor's account as a referral commission and in turn the new user will be registered with a unique link and this continues.

Variable interest

As an admin, you have the right to periodically set your plan's interest rate. This interest will be changing at the specified time. This different interest rate should be set up during the project development.


Login and Register Settings

Allwebmaker is equipped with many out-of-the-box enterprise features. There are many different configuration options available under the Login and Register Settings tab to improve customer experience.

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Everything you need to know about our Company

Allwebmaker is a fully optimized Investment script built with the latest technologies MVC framework that provides a robust and secure solution for Investment website around the world. We pride ourselves on doing business with honesty and integrity.

Our scalable development approach, leading edge design solutions and reliable turnkey applications have paved the way for a true revolution of HYIP Software. Our experienced specialists are working around the clock towards making all the software we provide faster, more powerful, more flexible and easier to use!

We want to assure you that our customers are our first priority. We are here to provide you the highest quality of products and service, and we will continue to develop our company to support that goal, both by nurturing the individuals and teams needed to get the job done, and by using all the knowledge and skills that are necessary. We take pride in ourselves for having a team of well-trained people who holds great passion in development. They are people who believed that achieving the best results in script development in giving our customers the ‘WOW” moments each time.

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